Friday, July 04, 2008

Prayer & Sock Swap

I received a package from Angie, yesterday. I've recently been on a join-everything mentality and have had such fun with this swap. It has given me a chance to have 2 great prayer partners. One that is praying for me, and another that I am praying for who has also told me that she is praying for me in return. I'm still working on my partner's package as it isn't due for a while, yet. Angie really went all out! The socks are one of my favorite colors and she found some snack items that I can eat without causing me health problems! The fruit "leather" that she found has no sweeteners in it! Yes, that's right, no sugar or sugar substitutes! I thought that was impossible. She also included some lotion which has a little book of scripture-based prayers, too. I love almonds and green tea, too, so those were a perfect fit. Thanks, Angie! :)


g-girl said...

great pair of socks! Oh, i love those fruit leather things you got!! :) You can sometimes get them @ Costco.