Thursday, July 10, 2008

Civil War Shawl

I started the edging on my Civil War Shawl! I have 2 repeats done. The border pattern that the designer chose couldn’t be better. It’s very lovely and before any blocking is about 6 inches widthwise. I did make a mistake in the first repeat. Though I tried, I could not figure out what I had done and plan to just leave it, rather than pull it all out. I haven’t taken a picture because I find it difficult to get a good one without pulling the needle out of all those stitches, which of course would be disastrous! :) I figure that each pattern repeat is a little over a half percent of the overall project. Only 49% to go!


Karen said...

I agree . . . DON'T worry about a picture if it means the needles falling out. Yikes. I am anxious to see it, but more than willing to wait until it's safely cast off.