Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stole is coming along

I've been working exclusively on the Juno Regina stole since finishing my socks. Its coming along. I'm almost done with chart 4. (This is the last of the 8 charts that I will be knitting as I am working the shawl in the symmetrical variation.) I've been working both halves at the same time and it is going very well. By the end of today, I'll no longer need to carry the instructions with me, as every right side row will be the same, and every wrong side row is already the same. It won't be as interesting, but it will be quicker to knit. I'm still not confident that I'll finish it by Sunday, but I'm still trying! :)
I bought some fabric, last night, to sew myself another dress and a white shirt. I already own the pattern that I want to use. Last night I put the fabric in the wash, so I might get a little time to cut out the top, tonight. I still need to take some pictures of the last dress that I sewed and the new fabrics. Hopefully, I'll do it tonight, so that you can see them all tomorrow.