Monday, March 10, 2008

New FO

I've been knitting away on any stray socks that are left to be finished. This is one more step to being ready to start Sock Madness, as I'll need my needles free! I finished one pair on Sunday and then started working on another pair that I've started already. This second pair, the Serpentine Socks from Anni Design, are slow going. I love the finished effect, but all those little cables slow me down considerably! (I'm so used to knitting at "100 mph" that when I have to slow down the project seems slow, but it really isn't bad and I still enjoy the process very much.)

Also, on Saturday, I decided that I should make myself a dress to wear to my brother's wedding on Friday night, so I spent my Saturday afternoon altering the pattern and cutting it out. All that I have left to do on the cutting is cutting out the interfacing. If it hadn't been so late, I might have finished that on Saturday, too. Being so ambitious about the dress, I also decided that I would like to knit a matching stole for the dress. I'm not planning on that being done for Friday, but to wear with the same dress for Easter. The pattern I chose is an "experienced lace" pattern from Victorian Lace Today, in lace weight. Is that over doing it or what? After working on the lace some, yesterday, I'm not too sure that I will ever get it done. Just before bed, I was trying to finish just one more row, dropped a stitch, and it unravelled back to the border! After the horror of watching that, I'm not sure I want to do the same pattern. Its lovely and even looks great with the hand painted yarn that I chose, but the decreases and yarn overs happen on both the right side and wrong side, so I'm not sure I can pick the stitch back up. I'm thinking of choosing a simper pattern from the same book so that I have a little more reasonable expectation of finishing in time for the holiday.

(ETA pictures.)


gaylen said...

Dani - I love that fabric and the pattern. Which pattern is that? I've been searching for a wrap dress from some beautiful border print knit I picked up. Was nice meeting you. g