Friday, March 21, 2008


Last Friday was the my brother's wedding. He married a person that the entire family loves. Here, you can see everyone! Since I have 5 siblings, and all but one (the 16 year old) is married, that makes for quite a few people. This picture even shows all the spouses and kids.

For the wedding, the dress that I made is from Simplicity's pattern number 3804. I made the short version with the long sleeves. The split cuff looks great on and adds a little extra comfort than a long sleeve without the cuff. I do not feel that the pattern was written well. There were 2 places where the pattern did not instruct the sewer to finish the raw edge. Also, there were several places where the patter pieces did not match up exactly. If I had been using a fabric with a little more stretch, this may not have been a problem, but I still would have been concerned about the fabric stretching out in certain places as the instructions do not call for any stitches for the purpose of stabilizing the neck edge. All things considered, I was so unhappy with the pattern that I recycled the paper it was printed on as soon as I was done hemming the dress. The dress is lovely to wear, though! I wore it to my brother's wedding, last Friday night, and felt so glamorous. I, of course, plan to keep sewing and will also continue to use patterns from Simplicity as this is the first time I've had such an awful pattern.


Jknits said...

I think the dress looks great. It's good that you were able to work through the pattern problems. It's good to have a review of it.

Shelly said...

What a great looking family! The best to all of you and I agree, you look fabulous in the dress. I admire your skill.