Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Shawl Pattern Chosen

I spent some time looking around on Ravelry for a different pattern to knit a lace shawl for Easter. I was having a difficult time finding anything that I liked. I want something not too difficult to knit, but not too easy, either. I finally decided that I may need to change yarns and started to look at what others had made with some of my stash yarns. I happened upon the Juno stole from Knitty. It took more yarn than I had of the stashed yarn, but I should have just enough of the original yarn that I purchased on Saturday! (I bought 1 100g skein of Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace which is 800m.) I printed the pattern and then ripped the little progress that I had on the Alpine Lace Stole. I cast on while waiting for dinner to be ready. After a couple hours knitting I am into the third repeat of chart 2. It looks great! So that I can use all of the yarn, I am knitting this 2 halves at time on one circular needle. This means that I am making the variation in the pattern of knitting 2 halves and grafting them together rather than knitting the stole from one end to the other. So far, it has been easy to work one half and then the other. This has also given me a little more speed because I can memorize the pattern on the first half and then just knit it on the second! Of course, I'm just loving that!! :)


Guro said...

Come claim your prize. ;)

Jknits said...

I do crazy stuff like that too - sew a dress for the coming weekend, try to knit a shawl...I'm sure it will look great.