Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wool Gloves and Mittens

Just in time for the 85+ degree weather this weekend:
I've finished a pair for wool gloves from Selbuvotter! Of course, not being some one who can finish a project and not immediatley cast on for another, I started a mitten from the same book last night and finished the first one this morning. Yep, I'll be toasty warm today! (No, I'm not reeaalllly going to wear them! LOL)
The black yarn in both pair is Palette from Knit Picks. The white in the first pair is also Palette, but the background color in the second pair is from Crazy4Dyeing's sock yarn club and is the same yarn that I used to knit the Touring socks in yesterday's post.

I'm hoping to take a little time to sew the lavender dress that I cut out last week, in time for church, tomorrow. We'll see how that goes, though.


g-girl said...

those are amazing!!