Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weekend Knitting

This past weekend, I did tire of the same sweater pattern, and pulled out my nearly half done Civil War Shawl. I completed several rows, which at around 1400 stitches on the needles, is quite an accomplishment! I'm now only about 6 rows from starting the edging. That point is about half done. I still love it, but it is not a good van pool project as I am needing to look at the chart too often. Maybe I'll pull it out again next weekend. The wool/silk blend yarn I'm using has a beautiful shine to it and I really would like to get the finished before the end of the year. (If you notice on the side bar, it was started almost a year and a half ago. I think this may be my oldest UFO.)

Cables and Os is coming along, nicely, too. It still takes quite some time to finish a row, but I have the pattern memorized, so its not that big of a deal. I had forgotten what it was like to knit a sweater in the round, because I've been knitting them in pieces, lately. It seems to take a long, long time to get to the row where the division happens for the arms, but what a sense of accomplishment! I'm just biding my time right now. :)