Wednesday, November 21, 2007

SP11 Reveal and a FO

When I arrived home, last night, I found a DHL package waiting for me. I was from Karen, my Secret Pal! She sent 4 skeins of yarn, a great slipper pattern from Fiber Trends and some pear soap. The package had a lovely faint scent of pear when I opened it. Thanks, Karen!
The party last night was fun. We heard John Curly speak from Evening Magazine. We all thoroughly enjoyed listening to him talk about his experiences before the days of being a television star.

With all the riding in the car that I did, yesterday, I finished the second Leaf Lace sock! When I sat back in the car to leave the party, I wanted to look at the first sock to see how far I had left to go before starting the toe. I was shocked to find that the sock was not in my purse! However, I thought I knew when to stop. I have never been so happy for a long row count for each repeat, as it was pretty obvious where to end in order for the sock to fit. Arriving home, I went through my purse and the car looking for the missing sock and did not find it! I kept knitting, hoping that it would show up. When I stepped up into the van, this morning, I still didn't see it. After getting out of the van, at work, I decided to make one last search and found it! The sock had dropped out of my purse yesterday morning on the way to work. Since I am at work the picture doesn't show off the detail of the lace, but I really wanted to show that I had them finished! I will have to take a better picture this weekend, though. :)


Karen said...


I am so glad you like your package. I had fun buying for you! Let's keep in touch. Have a great Thanksgiving!


Anni said...

More great socks and lovely parcel. Lucky you.