Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Restarting the River Valley Socks

I know it doesn't look too much different, but I did rip and restart the toe for this sock. The green & black was pooling on the top of the foot. The sole looked great. Weird, huh? I ripped and then restarted using the cast on suggested by the pattern. I do like it better, and the patterning is coming out much more to my likeing, as well.

The real reason that I gave in to ripping out what I had done, was that it was too big. I knew that I was going down 1 needle size, so I carefully measured the gauge and found that I was getting 8.75 stitches to the inch, instead of the pattern's gauge of 8 stitches to the inch. So, I added an extra stitch in each of the purl columns. I turned out that the extra was not needed. I was ending up with a sock that would be too big. I should learn to rip sooner. I'm always more pleased with the finished project when I take the time to redo.

I'm loving the pattern. I was just a little concerned that the pattern might be difficult to memorize. It has a similar feel to it as the Luna Moth Shawl. However, the big difference is that their is no center line that mirrors the effect on the left verses the right side of the patterning. So, this one is quite easy to memorize. It only took 1 pattern repeat. I'm no longer carrying the directions, as I know how to do the short-row heel suggested in the pattern. I'll just work until the top is long enough. At that point, I may have to look at the pattern, so that I'll be able to work the cuff as suggested.