Friday, June 15, 2007

Another Package!!

When I arrived home, last night, my mail box was stuffed full! I opened the first padded envelope and found the Sweater Stone that I had ordered. The felted bag that I received from the ITEIII was picking up balls from other fabrics, so I used the "Stone" on it. It worked great! The bag looks like new, again. I still need to do a tiny bit of mending by stitching the lining down in a few places. (I am very hard on this bag. It goes to work with me everyday and is often over stuffed. I can't say enough about Jen's knitting ability that it has lasted so well, and still has much, much more use left in it!!)

The second package was a puffy from Gail for the Things Knitters Want...Exchange. She sent 2 sets of markers (1 for tiny needles, like when knitting socks, and the other for a little larger needles.) They're perfect! The extra stuff was so much fun, too!

I've continued to work on the first River Valley Sock and have the cuff almost half done. The knitting is going a little more quickly than I thought it would, especially after knitting the last pair of socks with such thick yarn.


Quail Hill Knits said...

I have been wanting to try one of the sweater stones. Seems as though no matter how much I try, some yarns just form pills. Since it worked for you, I guess I will order one. Aren't packages fun?