Sunday, December 02, 2007


Yesterday, it snowed! It began snowing in the early afternoon as I was out running errands. I was driving down I-5. There was no precipitation of any kind. Then, I crossed a bridge and the snow just started! I was surprised, and being Seattle, everyone was braking to slow from 55 to 30mph. It wasn't even sticking, yet! I arrived home safely, and decided that I would still go down to Village Yarn & Tea to visit with my knitting friends. Two of the them made it. We had a great time sipping tea in the warm store, while watching the snow cover the trees across the street from the store. It wasn't even too bad to drive home in!
After I was home, I still enjoyed watching it fall while I did my weekly dinner cooking. I made 4 dishes which usually net us 2 dinners per dish. Needless to say that gives us lots of food that is already to go. (I just lift a dish out the night before and dh reheats it the next night.) We get better nutrition and I don't have to worry about cooking when I'm tired from working all day. This really helps us avoid the fast food/take-out trap. Lately, I've been enjoying cooking from the book Meals in Minutes by Sue Gregg. We've had chili, pasta, rice, chicken, and soup. I haven't even had to make changes to any of the meals. We like them exactly how she has written the recipe.