Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Knitting

I accomplised much, this weekend. I finished felting the second pair of slippers and moved on to some other things. One project that I worked on for a while are a pair of lacy socks for me. I almost feel guilty, but wanted to knit socks and don't want to start a pair that might not be finished in time for Christmas gift giving, so I'll knit for me. I also spent some more time working on a pair of Moss Grid Hand Towels for my guest bathroom. I finished the first of 4 skeins of yarn that I purchased for this project. Finally, I knit an entire scarf on Saturday afternoon for my SIL. We had a Christmas party planned with my dh's family on Sunday and she had asked for a scarf that was, "Short, soft and like Emily's [her daughter]" I wasn't exactly sure what she had in mind, but when I was in the Village YArn and Tea, I saw a shop sample that had been knit up that seemed to fit the bill. It is the Ruffled Scarf which was a free pattern with purchase of 1 skein of yarn from the store. Since they had everything I needed all together, I bought a skein of a pale blue-gray and went home to knit. I put on the latest disk from (Monk :) ) and began to wind the skein into a ball. By the end of 4 episodes plus the extras on the disk, the scarf was finished, with the ends woven in. What a great, quick knit. I may even make a couple more of these for other gifts!