Saturday, December 15, 2007

2 more down!!

After a really long time in the washer, the green felted clogs are finally finished!! My husband says that they should fit his dad perfectly! Somehow, one is a little bigger around the foot than the other, which really surprised me. I didn't want to let that one stay in longer as it is already a little shorter. Oh, well...It will still fit fine. I've been knitting on more of these slippers, but am knitting the next smaller size so that they don't have to spend as long felting. I have the next pair in the washer, now, and am almost finished with another half pair.
In other knitting news: I finished my oldest UFO! The Pink Sweater is done and drying. In the picture you can see the blocking wires are still in it. I'm hoping that both projects will be dry this evening so that they can be wrapped. I am working to have no more than 3 gifts to wrap at a time and have 1 more ornament that I bought Thursday, so that's 3.
On Thursday, I took the day off from work to go shopping with my mom. We had been looking for some time to "hang out" and that seemed perfect. Neither of us likes going to the mall during the Christmas season, at least certainly not on the weekend. So, Thursday it was. She picked me up at 9:45 and that way we were there around the time when they usually open. (I don't think they opened any earlier that day, but we couldn't have made it earlier any way.) My sister met us there and we shopped together for an hour and a half, or so, until she needed to get home to meet her preschooler's carpool. Mom and I continued to shop and then stopped at Starbucks before heading home. We picked up my little brother at school, and then headed out again, this time with my SIL in tow. It surprised me how we looked at such different things with each group. We really accomplished very much on Mom's list. She needed help shopping for my husband and my brother (SIL's husband.) Taking the wife always helps, right? :) So, the day was fun and everyone enjoyed themselves very much.


Jknits said...

The clogs look great. I'm sure they will be much appreciated