Saturday, December 29, 2007

Non-Christmas Knitting

About the time that I should be all finished knitting Christmas presents, I still have 1 gift to start! I grew tired of knitting slippers long, long before 3 pair were finished, let alone 4, so I think that I will make my dad a pair of socks rather than the slippers that I had intended. As I didn't have a gift for him, I made an extra large batch of gingerbread cookies, which he loves. I think he really liked them. The other many, many Christmas gifts that I knitted were all very appreciated and will be worn for a long time. This makes me so very happy. I received a voice mail from my sister, yesterday, saying that her son really likes the snowman sweater vest! I could hardly believe that she brought up that rather than the toy car that my husband bought for him.
About the time I tired of knitting slippers, I started to work on these socks for me. I finished them on Christmas and really like them.


hakucho said...

Beautiful socks!! Lovely color and pattern.

Lots of happy knitting in 2008 :)