Wednesday, February 28, 2007

SP10 Questionare Answers

My favorite fibers are ones with mostly natural fiber content: cotton blends, wool and blends, alpaca, etc. I don't like fibers that are mostly or entirely synthetic, especially fun fur types.
To store my needles, I have a zip around case that is really intended to store 14 inch straight needles. As such, it really doesn't do well for my circulars and double points. For my hooks I have an aluminum pencil box that works very well. I'm currently looking for something to store my stitch markers and point protectors. They're in the case that doesn't really work for anything!
I have been knitting for about 3 years. A friend wanted me to teach her how to seam knitting (something I would know from my years of crochet experience) and I offered to teach her, if she'd teach me how to knit. She taught me how to cast on and knit, and then I was able to teach myself more on the subject through reading books. I would consider my level to be advanced, as I have done projects in fairisle, intarsia, cables, and lace.
As a general rule, the more intricate the design, the better I like it!
I have started an online wish list at, but don't have very much on it.
My favorite scent is lavender, but it has to be from natural lavender oil, as I am allergic to nearly all synthetic scents, including those in lotions, body wash, and bubble bath.
I don't have much of a sweet tooth, and don't eat refined sugar and rarely eat anything chocolate. As a food treat, I love teas, especially those that naturally do not contain caffeine.
I do spend some of the time available to me for crafting on scrapbooking. About once every 6 weeks, I invite a group of about 6-10 people to my house to scrapbook together for an entire Sunday afternoon. This is about the only time I really work on my scrapbooks, as I have difficult time finding the motivation to complete pages, if I'm alone. However, I do love photography and end up with quite a few pictures from when my husband and I go camping and from his slow-pitch softball games. I find most of my free time is spent knitting or reading. I also do a little beading, usually to make stitch markers which I trade with others online. I don't spin, but I do crochet. Usually, I use crochet only for edgings on sweaters or blankets.
My favorite kinds of music are ones that use mostly acoustic instruments. Classical (particularly Bach, Bethoven, Chopin, etc.) music is one of my favorites, and I also enjoy Praise and Worship music. I don't have the ability to play MP3s, yet, though I've been thinking about getting an MP3 player.
My most loved colors are pink, purple, blue, aqua, black, and some greens. I don't really like yellow or orange. I do like most neutrals, but they seem to "sit on the fence" as far as rating them as loves/hates.
I am married, without children, but do have 2 cats.
I love scarves, predominately for warmth rather than for fashion. (I take them off when I go into a warm building, rather than wearing it all day, no matter how lightweight.) My clothing style is very classic/natural and I don't often embellish an outfit with scarves and the like as I get irritated by the way that I constantly fidget with them! Although I love hats, I haven't found a style that I think works well for my shape of face, which is round. Mittens are always fun and I've knit some ponchos for myself, but prefer larger shawls that can be wrapped.
I knit many sweaters. However, I also enjoy knitting socks and shawls. Right now I am knitting a cardigan, two pullovers, a shawl, some gloves and some socks. I love to start new projects, and almost always have 4 or more projects going at the same time.
I love handmade gifts. One of my favorite cold weather scarves was made by my best friend and given to me for Christmas last year.
Mostly, I use bamboo circular needles, with a full set of double points thrown in for socks and sleeves. The straight needles that I have onl yseem to collect dust!
I do own a ball winder and swift. The swift was gifted to me by my mother, who no longer had a need for hers, so I think it is older than I am, but it still works alright.
My oldest UFO is about 4 months old. Last August, I finished up all of my UFOs, so I've only had 5 months to start and not finish new projects!
I love holidays, but I think that Thanksgiving is probably my favorite because of family togetherness & because it is no overly commercialized like Christmas and Easter.
I collect china and salt and pepper shakers. I haven't very many shakers, as I have such limited space in which to store them and I also am rather picky about how much I will spend on a set.
There aren't any knitting books that I am really wishing for, but I'd really like to try yarn made of bamboo or hemp. Knitting with a new fiber is such a great, fun adventure. I've been thinking about starting a pair of mittens or gloves with a very complicated looking color pattern, but have not yet purchased a pattern or yarn. Currently, my only magazine subscription is to Interweave Knits.
I am always looking for new techniques to learn, but don't have any in mind to learn, right now. I would like to try a more complicated fairisle pattern and have pattern at home that I just need to find the yarn for. I haven't started this one because I need to find a yarn that will work as a substitute for the wool yarn that the pattern was written for, as the person I would make the sweater vest for is allergic to wool.
I am a sock knitter. Size: 9" instep & 9.25" long. I wear a size 8M shoe.
My birthday is May 23rd, which I share with my dad!