Saturday, February 10, 2007

Great Mail!

I had a busy morning today. All the stuff I had planned were things that I really wanted to do, but there was just so much. First, I met my mom and swimming partner for 45 minutes of lap swimming. Then, I rushed to get showered so that I would only be 15 minutes late to the church musical practice. Afterward, I stayed after the practice for the women's fellowship time at church. I was so blessed to have a long conversation with my friend Julie. I finally arrived home about 2:00, pretty tired out. But, when I opened my mailbox, I saw the large envelope from The Knitting Guild Association. I ordered the pattern for the Civil War Shawl Knit Along. I was starting to open it, before I even had the door to my condo opened. However, before I did get to look through the magazine, I found a package on the counter from my upstream partner in the International Tote Exchange III. She sent coffee, chocolate and a large travel mug. Since my favorite one just broke, this could not have come at a better time!

Once I got over the excitement of such a fun package, I began to look through the back issue of Cast On that I had ordered. I was, then, a bit disappointed. I ordered the issue from 2002, instead of 2001. So, I am now in the process of ordering a pattern from the author (which is what I would have done in the first place, if I had finished reading the blog entry before ordering!) I also stopped by my LYS, Village Yarn & Tea, to see which lace weight yarns they carry. They had the Jaegerspun Zephyr, but wanted 16.95 (plus 9% tax) for 4 oz! I had already checked out the prices online and knew that I could get it online for around $35 (plus shipping, but no tax) per 16 oz. I know where I'll be buying it from, if I decide on that yarn. It is a beautiful yarn, and it probably is the one that I'll end up with, but I have to consider all my options. (Isn't that part of what its all about when you have almost a month to get the materials?) I am very much looking forward to beginning that project, but must get some others done first.