Monday, February 05, 2007

A Wedding and Knitting

This weekend, my oldest, younger brother was married. Since I needed to be there 3 hours early to be in some of his pictures, I took my tote along to knit while waiting for my turn & then to wait for the main event. I did get quite a bit done, see?

I think that I have about half of the knitting done, then there will be felting, adding hardware & a lining and then to top it all off with some decorative felted knitting! I am so excited for this and am really enjoying watching it take form. I may even have to make one of these for me. I'll definitely knit myself a bag at some point, though maybe a different pattern, as I do get easily bored on the second of anything. (This is why I often take forever to finish both socks! Right now, I have 1 sock done in a pattern, but have not even cast on for the second, yet.)

I've also realized that I love working with this yarn. I see a sweater or shawl knit in it, at some point in the future. Being half alpaca, half wool, it felts beautifully and is sooo soft and warm. Like I said, "I love it!"


Allison said...

I love it! Are you following a pattern? What are you doing with the yarn as you change colors?

Danielle said...

I started by researching various bags online, and then created my own pattern. I am just carrying the unused color across the back, fairisle style. It’s working well, so far.