Saturday, February 24, 2007


Yesterday was the day of the frog. I finished turning the heel of the second blue & white sock to realize that I had started my short rows on the wrong needle & so the toe was 90 degrees off from the heel. Frog...Then, I started working on the sleeve to my cardigan. The pattern calls for a 12 inch cuff! I could just see those needing to be pushed up all the time, so I did some recalculating and cast on again for an 8 inch cuff. I finished most of the increases and realized I was increasing too quickly and all the increases would be finished in 10 inches instead of 16. So, frog...I did manage to get about 5-6 inches re-knitted before going to bed. It was a very frustrating day. Hopefully, I won't have these problems when I sit down to knit later today!