Monday, March 19, 2007

She Loved Them!

We had the Birthday party for my MIL on Friday night. She loved the socks that I made! She didn't try them on, but I'm sure they should fit. We had a quiet little party with just 2 of her 7 kids showing up. (My husband & his next oldest brother.)
Everyone brought some little thing as a gift, which she loved. We sat and played Five Crowns, a card game that is her favorite.
Yesterday and Saturday, I worked on my Civil War Shawl in order to get this week's assignment done. I finished the assignment, photographed it, and then kept knitting on it. I have about another 1/2 inch completed than shown in this picture. Its turning out beautifully, and the KAL is keeping me going on it. (At least, its reminding me to get some done each week. This in itself keeps the project in my mind and as something that I still want to work on!)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful SHawl!! I am spying on you!!! Hope your weather is better than mine!!!!!!!!!! I am ready for warmer weather

Anonymous said...

oh yeah......i suppose i should have added to that last comment that i am your SP10!!!!