Thursday, March 15, 2007

Secret Pals

Secret Pal 10 has begun! I'm getting excited to start buying special things for my pal. I just love the anticipation of sending and receiving. Waiting to see if she will love the items I send is always fun, too. Hearing from my upstream Secret Pal, was fun. I had barely received the email for my downstream, when I received the email from her! She sounds as excited as I am to be in this exchange.
Last night, I decided that I would try finishing up a UFO, or two. I did finish the first Huskies sock on my way home from work, and then started on #2 last night. I crochet cast on is not too easy to do in the limited light of the vanpool, so I cast on and worked the first row. Between finishing #1 and starting #2, I worked on my gloves, a little. I was knitting while watching Star Trek Voyager with dh, when I realized that I had not worked the gusset for the thumb correctly. Since I was watching TV, I didn't realize it until I started on the first finger! This meant that I had to frog back to the middle of the gusset & rework it. I did manage to get it re-knitted and get 3 of the fingers done, too! I'm really hoping that this UFO will become a FO, tonight. I'm so excited to get these finished. It looks like I will have almost 1/2 of the ball of yarn left, so I may make a hat to go with the gloves. There was a little frost on my car, this morning. The cold weather made me wish that the gloves had already been finished.