Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Favorite, Current Project

I have been working on my Civil War Shawl, lately. It has become a favorite project that I just can't wait to pick up. This is because of so many factors. First, I love the pattern. The pattern changes a little every so often, so it really holds my interest. If it were all the same, I think I'd go crazy! Second, I love the yarn. It is just perfect for the pattern as it is super soft and the wool/silk mixture catches and reflects the light beautifully. Being so lightweight, the fabric is coming out very lacy and beautiful. Third, the pattern is complicated enough that this does not make good commuter knitting, so the project is maintaining its newness, as I can only work on it during the weekend. (This is when I get time that is somewhat uninterrupted!) Its going very well and I am looking forward to each new step in this creative process.