Thursday, May 21, 2009

LYS Tour Day 3

Day 3 began very early, around 7:15. K had already picked up her friend C and then we headed for Arlington to pick up my oldest friend, S. We stopped for coffee and then continued up to Beach Basket. This little shop has too much yarn, as if that were possible. We looked from shelf to shelf, hardly able to move as there were many people in the shop. We didn't make any purchases, but remembered to get our stamps and patterns before continuing on our way. Next, we drove into Bellingham and shopped both Northwest Handspun and Apple Yarns. Both stores are lovely and at least one of the 4 of us made a purchase in each shop. We also ate teriyaki chicken for lunch in Bellingham, before leaving for the next store. We visited Knot Just Yarn, Ana-Cross Stitch and finally Wild Fibers before running out of time. We had S home by around 6 and then realized that as it was Saturday that the final 2 stores had just closed. We were really hoping to finish the tour that day. However, getting home earlier than expected was rather nice as I was so tired from our long 3 days of shopping and fun.


g-girl said...

did you get to the last 2 shops on Sunday??