Wednesday, May 20, 2009

LYS Tour Day 2

On day 2, K picked me up a little earlier and we headed for the Edmonds ferry. I live rather close to it, so we figured it would be a great way to get across the water to Bainbridge. We drove south, stopping for a quick breakfast and made it to the store just after they opened. The store was already full of people and very lively. We enjoyed shopping around the store for almost an hour and both bought a skein of Koigu to make Turkish Bed Socks, the free pattern in that store. Afterward, we headed for the Bainbridge/Seattle ferry dock where we had about an half hour to knit while waiting to board the boat. After arriving in Seattle we headed for the freeway to go to the store that are south of Seattle. We went to Yarn Stash, Renaissance, and The Knittery. In Renaissance, I found a pattern for a linen top that I really loved. I couldn't quite bring myself to spend $80 for the yarn, though, so will be on the look out for linen yarns until I find one that I consider to be more affordable. I did, of course purchase the pattern and look forward to knitting it. In the last of these, I found another pattern that I liked. I didn't, however, like the feel of the yarn they suggested. The top was very summery and the yarn, a linen/cotton blend, felt very heavy and at the intended gauge felt like cardboard. While I was complaining to K about this, the store employee (possibly owner?) overheard the conversation and recommended a completely different yarn that had such a beautifully soft had and so much drape that I just had to buy a sweater's worth. This yarn was still more affordable than the aforementioned linen. My mom has been looking for a birthday gift for me and was happy to foot the bill. (She had given me some cash on Thursday morning as my birthday gift. I added a little of my own money to buy this project, but she has since told me to expect my part back. She is sooo nice!) As our final store for the day, we went to Cultured Purl. Here I found another pattern that was wonderful, but yet again, the price for the project was too high. I didn't even buy the pattern on that one as I cannot imagine any other yarn working to give the same effect. All in all, I arrived home very happy with the few purchases that I made. Stopping to share a burrito with K at my favorite Mexican restaurant didn't hurt either! :)


g-girl said...

i love reading about the lys tour! next year, I hope you take pictures! :)