Tuesday, May 19, 2009

LYS Tour Day 1

On our first day for the Local Yarn Store Tour, my friend K picked me up and then we proceeded to pick up my SIL. We headed for Seattle and some wonderful stores. All in all, we visited 10 stores on our first day: Seattle Yarn , Weaving Works, Fiber Gallery, Hill Top, Hill Top East, Main Street, Acorn Street, Tricoter, Bad Woman, and Full Circle! We didn't visit in that order, though. We received free patterns and bought a couple skeins of yarn and I purchased several patterns as we went along. The 3 of us had a fun time stopping at Dick's for lunch. We also spent much time getting lost and then finding our way, again. I prepared ahead of time, laying out the route, using an online maps and directions website. Unfortunately, I mistyped one of the addresses, leaving out a number and ended up needing to find Hill Top on Queen Anne without the help of a map. As luck would have it, that is the store that we had been to before, and on more than one occasion, so we didn't have too much trouble!

After dropping off my SIL, K and I stopped in for Thai food. This has become a bit of a tradition for us as we both love it and can share a meal without having to worry about things being to spicy. Both of our husbands like Thai much hotter than we do and we easily agree on the dishes to be ordered.


g-girl said...

is your SIL a knitter? I can't remember. Gosh, why can't everyone have a lys tour??