Sunday, April 13, 2008

Surprise Package

When I arrived home, last Friday, I had 2 packages waiting. One from Elann, and the other from Guro. The second arrived from Norway in less than 6 days. The only thing is, I'm not sure why this was sent to me! I'm hoping to get a comment or email regarding this one. There are 2 great yarns, 2 chocolates and 2 fish stitch markers and what I think are 2 buds that bloom when you make tea with them. I'd love to give credit to the exact sender, but am unsure who it might be!
From Elann, I received a dpn organizer. I originally ordered one and was sent the wrong one. It was smaller than the one that I wanted. I contacted them and their customer service was exceptional, sending out the correct one on the same day. I've put my needles in it and it is going to work just perfectly.

ETA: The package was for winning a contest that I forgot about from Guro! Thanks, you did wonderfully putting it together!


Guro said...

Hi Danielle.
I didn't see your post until today. The package was from me, aka. Hespetre, because you won the KIP blog contest in my blog. ;)

Hope you liked it!