Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Photo-less Progress

I've been eagerly knitting on my sweater and Dad's socks. I finished the socks last night and barely needed any of the second skein, but couldn't get away with not using it. So, I immediately cast on for a pair for me with the same yarn and needles. I'm using a different one of the architectures from the same book by Cat Bordhi, since I love it so much. The book is due back to the library by the end of the week, but I'm getting pretty good at knitting the patterns without the pattern, so it shouldn't be a problem. Since I like the book so well, I tried to just renew it, but was not allowed to do that as there are 40 people on the hold list! I can't believe that they haven't purchased more copies. There are only 5, or so, in the whole system! I did add my name to the hold list so that I can get it again in a couple months. Until then, I will probably be pretty busy knitting other patterns. I still have not cast on for this month's Sockamania pattern, which I love and have the perfect yarn for them.
In sweater news, I finished the first sleeve last night. I couldn't work on it in the van pool, this morning, as the first 8-10 inches are lace and it goes much more smoothly if I do that part where its not dark! :) Hopefully, I'll get to start it tonight.

ETA: Photo


hakucho said...

I love getting knitting books from the library (good to try before buying),too, but it is the pits when you have to wait so long for a book and then you only have it 2 weeks(in my case) and back it goes.

Must get my name on the list for this book...thanks for reminding me :)