Monday, January 21, 2008


I was recently contacted by Elann, again, to do some knitting. So, I've cast on and am about 30% into it, already. Its going well and I'm hoping to get it done quickly. Its mostly stockinette, which is quick, but a little boring. Projects like this are best done quickly, before the newness wears off. So far, its still fun and the promise of store credit will keep me going until its done.


hakucho said...

Very interesting...guess I just have to wait to see more ;)

HDW said...

Hmm should we start guessing what it is now...or wait? How do you like Cat's Book....I have it but have yet to use it.....did you start witht the wee socks as suggested or dive in head first? I am thinking about taking a pair to knit night tonight and trying em out! What do you think the best attack is?

Jknits said...

How fun to be asked to knit. What a great way to help support your habit.