Monday, October 22, 2007


I finished the Elegance socks last Friday night. The pattern is this month's Sockamania pattern. In preparation for teaching a friend to knit socks, I knit these on a size 1 circular needle using the Magic Loop Method. I still find it rather fiddle-y, but after making a whole pair, I've decided its not so bad! :)
Since my last 3 FOs were sweaters, I've not felt like doing more sweater knitting. So, I moved on to socks! I had 3 pairs already on the needles, so I decided to continue on to work on some of those old WIPs.
I have been working on the Spiralling Socks (Sockamania from August 07.) I am nearly ready to start turning the heel on the second sock. Finally!!
I've also been working on the Noughts 'n Crosses sock. (This is the September Sockamania pattern.) I'm almost ready to start the toe decreases for the first sock. I'm using Panda Cotton which is somewhat splitty, so I've not been working on these much. I will finish at some time though, as I imagine they'll be comfy to wear.
Having finished the Elegance socks, on Friday night, I started another sock. This one is from More Sensational Socks, a book that I checked out from the library. I'm using the garter rib pattern and am almost finished with the first sock, already! The yarn is from Yarn Lust on Etsy. It is thinner than the other yarns I've been using lately, so it took some getting used to . I'm doing these on the size 1 circular that I used for the Elegance socks. Its coming out quite well, though I do like the way that the yarn patterns better on the bottom of the foot than the top! The heel and toe are my absolute favorite.
I started the Garter rib sock over at my MIL house while we were visiting on Friday. I intended the sock to be a Christmas present for her. She knows that I am knitting many of my gifts this year, so she had no idea it was for her. So, she saw the green socks that I just finished for my brother, and told me that she didn't really like the red, brown and pink color, but needed green! So, whats a good DIL to do, but cast on another green sock! I may give her both pairs since the red sock is a little big to fit any one else that I plan on gifting socks to this year.
This green sock was cast on while I was teaching my friend to knit socks, Saturday. I didn't finish much on it because I was setting it down while she worked the next instruction. I worked on the Garter Rib sock while waiting for her to do the step I'd just shown her.
We had such a good time sitting at Village Yarn & Tea. The group is up to 4 people now, with another planning to come the first chance she gets! This whole thing started with just one acquaintance at church asking for a little help and has turned into such wonderful friendships. I have never been happier to become a part of something so seemingly accidentally. God had a plan for me and it has been played out so well, adding a few unexpected people to what started as a one on one. I love it!


Anonymous said...

All are beautiful! I love the colors. I hope everyone that you are making them for do enjoy them. Your Secret Pal.