Thursday, October 11, 2007

Elegance Update

I've been knitting like crazy on my Elegance socks. I have the first one past the heel and am starting to work on the cabling. I tried the sock on, last night, and it fits me, but a little loosely. I plan to have my 16 year old brother, who is staying with us while our parents are on vacation, try it on tonight. I'm also hoping that he will know the approximate foot sizes of our brothers and brother in law, so that I can know that the sock will fit, without having to give away the surprise. Sneaky, sneaky, hmm?


knottykitty said...

Hi Danielle! Just wanted to stop by and say "Hi!" and thank you for entering my contest a couple of weeks ago! Your projects ALL look great (as usual!). I am always in awe of how many FO's you can turn out!

Hope to see you at VY&T some time. Let me know if you go over---maybe we can meet up! :)

Quail Hill Knits said...

I love the idea of borrowing your brother's foot to size your socks. I do the same with my husband -- he wears a size 9 men's shoe so I add or sutract depending on the size shoe of my intended recipient. When will you post the pictures????