Thursday, October 25, 2007

One Day Project

On Tuesday, I was looking for a project that could be started and finished in a day. I have many knitting books checked out from the library right now, and so I chose a simple baby sweater from one of those books, "Minnies: Quick Knits for Babies and Toddlers." This is the Koko Kimono. I began by looking through the book for projects that I liked. Next, I opened my box of stash yarn and found that I had 3.5 skeins of sock yarn. The yarn is fingering weight and the pattern calls for DK, so I used it double. (Now that I have it nearly done, it looks like I'll have enough yarn leftover to make matching socks and a hat!) That day, I finished all but the ties and one sleeve. I finished the second sleeve last night and finished half the ties on the way to work this morning! I hope I'll have them all done by the time I arrive home tonight and that I'll be able to sew them on and wash the sweater. I previously made my MIL a pair of socks from the other 1.5 skeins that I purchased. The yarn, Sock-It-To-Me, is a bit rough feeling. Being superwash wool mixed with nylon, it does hold up well to multiple washings, though. I've also noticed that after several washings the finished project softens, so I'll probably wash the sweater a couple times in hopes that it will soften before I give it as a gift.


Shelly said...

Beautiful baby kimono, so cute.

I predict a package in your future...just sayin' ;)