Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Toy Design

A couple of months ago, I asked my sister what I could give her son for his birthday. He was the one that received the horned toad lizard. At that time, he told her that Stitch needed a space suit. I laughed and told her that I could do it, but probably not in time for his birthday. This last Sunday, I was home and looking for something new to start. I have plenty on the needles, but wanted something without a complicated stitch pattern that I could expect to finish in a day. I used Tuulia Salmela's Tailored Sweater pattern for the top and free form for the pants. It came out very least as cute as Stitch can be! :) I used short rows for the pants and also used bind offs at various intervals to create the legs as 2 pieces that are sewn together down the center front/back.C


g-girl said...

you are such a great aunt! I'm sure your nephew is going to absolutely LOVE the spacesuit for Stitch! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh - it's sooooo cute! :) Stitch ... I remember him. :)