Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Project

I thought that I had the hat pattern chosen for my MIL's Christmas gift, but when I started on it, the gauge was off. I shouldn't be surprised as I did have to go down 2-3 needles sizes when I knitted with the same yarn to make Yosemite. (The yarn doesn't feel all that slippery, but it does act like it!) It was coming out HUGE, so I ripped and left it for another day. Then, yesterday, I was reading Kimberly's blog, she was looking for a test knitter for a hat pattern. I volunteered and cast on last night. I am using needles that are 3 sizes smaller than called for in the pattern, and it looks perfect! I chose the needles that I did as the set it a 16" circular needle like the pattern suggests. The size 4 was the only one that i had in that short of a needle. I have the hat about a third of the way done and its going smoothly.


Jknits said...

Good luck with the hat.
I was glad to read your post on lefties. My dd wants to learn to knit but I hadn't thought about the fact that she is a lefty! I will have to figure this out before I try to teach her.