Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Left Handed Knitting

One of my SIL has been wanting me to teach her a little more about knitting. She really wants to make some mittens for her 10 month old son. We've been trying to come up with a day that would work, and then we both happened to be at my parents house last Sunday. I had some dpns and yarn (left over from the vest that I knitted for her son) in the car, already, so we started. First I showed her the crochet cast on. I like the edge on it and, if done just right, can be stretchy. There were 3 things that made this teaching session complicated for me. 1) She has never knit in the round. I knew this and was expecting to have to show her how to use the dpns. So, that really wasn't a surprise. 2) She has never made a purl stitch before. I didn't know this, but its really not that much more difficult and I was showing my other SIL (who doesn't really knit) how that works, when she asked on that same day. 3) She is left handed and was having difficulties understanding my teaching. She had "just figured it out" before as I've seen her knitting and know that the book that she is using is designed only for righties. (I gave it to her as a birthday gift, not realizing she was a lefty.) So, I figured out how to knit left handed! It was fun, though a little tricky at first. I was pretty pleased with myself and managed to surprise her. She figured it out, once she could see me knit it left-handed. I had such a great time. I usually knit by the "throwing" method. However, I found that it worked easiest for me if, when knitting left handed, I "pick" the yarn. I've used this method a little bit when knitting right-handed, but only use it when knitting with 2 colors. I still prefer "throwing" when knitting with just one as I find it quicker.


g-girl said...
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g-girl said...

what in the world! sorry about that last comment. my computer has been acting a bit funny--but hadn't realized it was being THAT strange! As a lefty knitter, I'm a picker too--I've tried throwing but for some reason it's difficult. congrats on teaching a lefty to knit! :)