Tuesday, November 04, 2008

More Stitches Than Expected

While reading posts on the Ravelry group, NaKniSweMo, I wondered at how many stitches my finished project would have in it. To qualify for the group the sweater is supposed to contain at least 50,000 stitches. After some lengthy calculations, I think mine has around 200,000. I’d say that qualifies! However, I am currently on task to finish in about 4 months, not 1. I don’t feel bad about that as the project is 4 times larger than the minimum requirement, so taking 4 times longer to complete would still be pretty good! Tonight, I am going to try to finish enough rows to get myself set up to finish in 3 months instead of 4. This is a cotton sweater, so if it is finished during the Spring, I will still get to wear it right away.


g-girl said...

will you be working on it daily to get it finished in 4 months? jw. good luck!