Saturday, November 01, 2008


I spent this morning casting on for Morrigan, my NaKniSweMo project. I knew it would be difficult, but, WOW! The directions seemed to read: ajdklfaiowefeefecxkm...when I first started to look at them. Yes, you read correctly, nary a K or P in the list. However, each of about 8 letters used stand for the next line in a chart and then those 8 or so (to begin with) charts are repeated in various orders, creating the patterning. It is pretty complicated to figure out. I misread them and left out 46 stitches. Of course, I had to come to nearly the end of the first row to realize that I had missed 2 sections. At 456 stitches, that really took a while to rip! After 3 hours I have almost 1 row to show for my time.

Later on, I went to Ravelry to add the project to my list of current projects. When it came time to rate the difficulty, I thought, "This has to be the most complicated pattern that I've ever seen," so I clicked to rate the pattern as the most difficult that Ravelry allows. They call this "impossible." If I don't get the hang of it pretty soon (yes, I know less than 1 row is too soon to tell) I may rip and knit something simpler with this gorgeous cotton blend yarn. The yarn is Rowan's Calmer. It is soft and stretchy and I love it! This yarn definitely will not be sitting and collecting dust regardless of my ability to knit the project that I desire out of it! :)


g-girl said...

ack! 4565 stitches and no k or p in the list? sending good thoughts your way that it gets a bit less complicated and you start to get the hang of it. :)