Sunday, September 14, 2008

FO Parade

I've been home from work, sick, for way too long now. For the first 4 or 5 days, I couldn't even knit, but as I'm starting to feel a little better, at least I can do that, now. I have started and finished 2 projects. The first is the Beaded Beret that I bought the supplies for when I went to Churchmouse Yarns. It looks so wonderful! The second start to finish project is the Mystic Waters shawl. I knit it up in about 4 days and even have it blocked, already.

I've also been finishing some older projects. First up is my Auburn Camp Shirt which came out lovely, soft, and very drapey. Second, is my February Lady Sweater which I also love. I wore it once, but it was too warm, still. This one will have to wait until the weather cools a bit more. (I finished both of these a while ago, but have just now taken the time to post a picture.)

Then, there is Hey Teach from Knitty. I started this one rather recently, but also finished it while I've been sick. I over blocked the upper back, just a little and since it is cotton, I'm not really sure what I can do about it. The sweater is beautiful and will coordinate with many different outfits as this is one of my favorite colors.

After finishing all of that, I pulled out the Bamboo sweater that I've been making. The miles of stockinette were getting to me, which is when I started Hey Teach. However, there is a simplicity to knitting in stockinette that I've been enjoying while I have been sick and not wanting to concentrate on anything too complex.

While recuperating, I received some wonderful packages in the mail. The first contained stitch markers and a row counting bracelet from a friend that I met through a swap on Ravelry. (She was my down stream, so I was pleasantly surprised by her wonderful surprise!) The second is a skein of Socks that Rock Lightweight that I won through the Sock a Month Blog. The color is called Pebble beach, and is very lovely. Its so lovely that I'm tempted to wind it up and start knitting immediately!


g-girl said...

oh my word-you have been a busy bee! first of all, your auburn camp shirt looks amazing. your february lady sweater fantastic and your hey teach! WOW!!! love the buttons on your camp shirt and your feb. lady sweater. :)hope you're feeling better! i was wondering where you were!

knitngardnr said...

Wow! I love all your finished objects. you are really an inspiration. I'm drooling over the STR, I'd be tempted to knit that up also. great colors.