Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lots of Knitting!

I've been doing lots of knitting, and, yet, not posting! First up, another Wee Tiny Sock for the exchange on Ravelry. The theme was summer, so I made a cotton, roll-top ankle sock. It came out very cute.

Next up, I had another exchange to finish up. These are the Beaded Socks from the LYS Tour that I went on with a friend back in May. I love the way these came out, and so did my pal. Her daughter liked them so well, that she have expects them to "disappear!"

Another gift is up next. My chiropractor's wife gave birth to their first child this week, so I knit a little pair of socks for the baby. He often sees me knitting on some project or another while I'm waiting my turn and has said how he likes it. It really made him smile when I handed him this little pair of socks. I made a size 3-6 months.

Finally, a little stash enhancement from my trip to Churchmouse Tea and Yarn on Bainbridge Island. A couple weekends ago, a friend picked me up and 3 of us went to the Northgate Transit Center, where we caught a Metro bus for Downtown Seattle. There, we walked on the Ferry for a trip across the water. We had wonderful weather and enjoyed the short walk from the ferry terminal to town. We enjoyed ourselves very much, taking time to look through the yarn store and several others. We also had lunch and, of course, ice cream at Mora. It was so wonderful that I keep trying to figure out another trip we could take like this one!


Anonymous said...

OMG--I've always wanted to go to that shop in person! I made one of my very first baby sweaters from one of theirs I saw in a magazine spread someone did on them. the sweater was tucked in the back on the display and totally caught my eye... loved it and so did my niece! and her mom.

how did you like the shop? did you find yarn to do your stole in?

take care.
your secret pal

g-girl said...

ahhh, how nice to be able to take a ferry to a yarn shop! I've only heard about this shop from you and knottykitty. one day when I visit Seattle again! ;) love the beaded socks! whatcha gonna make with the koigu and beads you picked up?? ;)

Jknits said...

The little sock is so gosh darned cute. The beaded socks look like fun to make and wear - lucky pal.