Thursday, February 28, 2008

Progress Update

I've been knitting exclusively on the Flower Motif Shawl since Sunday, and its really coming along! I have just a litle bit of the last hexagon to knit and about 2/3 of the border. The border is knitted on with a technique that I haven't tried before, but it is going well. I'm really hoping to block this last motif when I arrive home from work tonight. I think that I only have about a half hour left to knit and, as luck would have it, that is just about my commute time! I put motifs 7 and 8 to block last night and they should be dry and ready to be sewn to the rest of the shawl so that I can continue the border.

I'm in a little bit of a hurry to get this done and mailed so that I can move on to some other projects. I have a van pool friend that has asked me to knit some pogies, a mitten worn by scullers (rowers) while practicing in the early morning hours on Greenlake. I made the first pair a few weeks ago. Her sculling friends liked them so well that 2 of them want a pair as well. I don't really like the feel of the yarn that she has given me, but they're quick to knit (3 hours or so) and each pair pays $20. I'll like having the extra money to spend on my addiction! (To knitting, that is:) ) This project needs to be done soon as Sock Madness will be starting in just a couple weeks! I really need to have no other projects that must be worked on during that time. I'm looking so forward to all that I have planned, but there just don't seem to be enough knitting hours in the day, and work certainly doesn't help! ;)