Monday, September 14, 2009

New Laceweight Stash

I have been enjoying the purchasing of many thousands of yards of yarn, lately! I received an email from Eat.Sleep.Knit that they were clearance-ing some colors of Malabrigo. I just had to buy some and finally made the (difficult!) decision to purchase Citrus. I have over 1200 yards with which to make a shawl. I am probably going to make this with it. I already have white, glass beads to use, too. I believe this combination will be wonderful.
Then, about a week later, I recceived a similar email from Knit Picks. Their yarn costs less and was such a great buy that I purchased enough for 3 shawls! This is around 4800 yards worth. First, there are three hanks of Gloss in Raisin. Then, 4 hanks each of Shadow in Midnight Heather and Hot Rod. I am not entirely sure what I will make with these, yet, but have been wanting to make a project from Victorian Lace Today. I have started a couple of things out of it, but have never started using the right yarn. The projects are so lovely and complex that they require a simple yarn, like these. I would love suggestions, please feel free to leave me a comment with your favorite idea. Ravelry links are especially welcome. :)

NOTE: Remember that the contest closes tomorrow. Leave a comment on that post, if you have an idea for me!


g-girl said...

there's so many gorgeous patterns from vlt! i've done the myrtle leaf shawl. you're so much more skilled in lace though that maybe the lady's circular cape would be more up your alley.