Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Skirt Knitting Class

My friend K & I finally took our skirt design and knitting class at Village Yarn, on June 13th. The class was nice and I really like the design worksheet that Carol Lansinger (the designer) had created and handed out. It was just the 2 of us in the class and so it finished earlier than expected. During the class, I was the only one who had a completed swatch with me, so we used it to design a skirt to fit me. I will probably knit it up for fall as I love the pattern and have measured another skirt that I love to realize that the guesses I made for some of the measurements were very close. Also during the class, we knit up these swatches. It was fun and let us see what the border on one of Carol's patterns really looks like. All in all, it was a good class and I am glad that I took it.


g-girl said...

is that what your future skirt is going to look like?? if so, it's going to be gorgeous!