Friday, October 10, 2008

Feeling Green?

Realizing that it has been awhile since I last blogged, I took pictures of my three latest projects. Imagine my amusement (with myself) when I realized that they are all slight variations on the same color! I started another sweater for myself back at the end of September. On this project, I have the body finished to the bottom of the armholes. For this project, the body is set aside while the sleeves are knit to the same point. Then, all the stitches are knit together on one, long circular needle to finish it off. I have about 10 inches of the first sleeve finished. I still need one more color for the fair isle that will be on the yoke. I guess I had better find the color I want and buy it as this is going rather quickly. I shouldn't be so surprised about that, though, as it is Cascade 220 (a worsted weight) on size 7 needles. I often knit with much smaller needles and still finish my sweaters in a rather short period of time, or so my knitting buddies complain! :)
Two weeks ago, I went into the yarn store and purchased 2 skeins of fingering weight super wash wool to make a coworker a pair of Selbuvotter. I have been swamped at work for about 8 months, now. We have been preparing to replace the hospital's patient accounting system. This is a huge undertaking. Then, a person on my team was either fired or quit. She wasn't really pulling her weight, but not having her there meant that I needed to help get the work done and train the two temps that we had, until her position was posted and filled. Each of the three people that have worked the position were intelligent and were rarely kept very busy. As such, they also helped me keep up. However, the third coworker is the one who was the recipient of the mittens. She has been helping all along, and has been quick to do so joyfully, often asking specifically what she can do to help. When I took my little present to her, she responded, "I really like helping you and can't believe that you didn't know that!" I knew, of course, but didn't realize quite how much she likes doing the part of my job that I consider boring. Most of this is time-consuming work, not requiring much thought. Our reviews are being prepared by the supervisor, so I also sent an email to the supervisor commended said coworker for all her help, going beyond what is required and being a great team player. As I was very motivated to give my knitted gift, the mittens were complete in 1 week.

As I had finished my project, I felt I should reward myself with yet another new project. Last Saturday, I was finally able to meet my friend at Village Yarn & Tea for tea and knitting. She was having such fun shopping from the clearance area, that I stepped up and bought a pattern and some great, new (to the store) sock yarn. this is when the Cabled Socks were begun. The yarn is Classic Elite Alpaca Sox. Its lovely, fuzzy yarn that is knitting up beautifully. The pattern is an interesting mix of cables and lace that may be a little difficult to see in this photo, but it sure is keeping my attention! In fact, so much so, that I need my full attention to get the pattern perfect. I'm really having fun with these.
Today, I started a new pair of socks. We went to visit my MIL at the hospital, yesterday, and she said that she needs new socks since all of hers need washing and with feeling poorly, due to chemo therapy and complications, I thought that sounded like a great idea. She is home from the hospital, now, so she could wear them. (While she is there, they have her wear socks with non-slip grips on them to prevent slipping. However, when she is home, she is always walking on carpet rather than linoleum, so the wool socks work fine.) The pattern is Thuja from Knitty and the yarn is Berroco's Pure Merino Heather. Well, its time to get back to them! :)