Thursday, October 23, 2008

Continuing Onward!

I have been making progress on my two sweaters! On Yosemite, I have finished the increases and have about 3 inches to go before starting the armhole bind offs. Cascade's Sierra makes a wonderful fabric and looks great in the heavily cabled stitch pattern. I also expect this sweater to hold its shape quite well as the cables draw the fabric up very nicely. On my Bohus Cardigan, I am also finding that progress just kind of “happens.” I have finished the sleeves and put them both on the needle with the main body. I have knit about 4 rows and need around 6-7 before starting the yoke decreases. Then, I get to start the color work. That’s the part I am really looking forward to doing. I received the third color of yarn in the mail yesterday. It’s a deeper shade than I thought that I was ordering, but it looks better with the other colors than I would have ever imagined!

While at work, yesterday, I received a call from my husband. He often calls late in the work day to ask what I have planned for dinner, so I was a little surprised that he was calling about a box that had arrived via UPS while he was gone. The box had been almost completely smashed on its way from Massachusetts to me! He first asked, “Did you order anything breakable?” I thought, “Oh, NO!” but then asked him from where the box was coming. When he replied, “Webs,” I laughed a little. He, of course did not immediately understand, so I explained that it was yarn and not to be worried. He used to work for a UPS store and said that he has rarely seen a box more abused by the shipper than this one. I thought he was over reacting, but later I saw it as I came through the front door. One side had been smashed almost completely to the other side. I sure am glad it was “only yarn” instead of a crystal vase! I am also happy that Webs had left the yarn wrapped in plastic before boxing it up.


g-girl said...

is that the yarn you purchased from webs? ups seems to be notorious for that! i'm glad it was just yarn too. :)