Thursday, May 01, 2008

Current WIP Progress

Since being knocked out of the running for Sock Madness, I've been working on WIPs, rather than starting another something new. I am coming along! Yesterday, I finished the back for the Autumn Camp Shirt and am almost to the top of the slit on the right front. Its looking good and I've found new motivation for working on this sweater with tiny little needles. Earlier this week, I sat to knit, and actually felt more like working on socks than the sweater, so I pulled out a sock that was already started. I finished that one and needed another needle to cast on for the second one. Rather than going to get said needles, I picked up the stole that I started just before Easter. (It was in the same basket with the sock that I finished.) I made about an inch or so of progress on the stole before it was time to put it away for the night. I'm hoping to have a set of finished projects before too long. However, Sock Wars starts in a little over a week, so it may be June before the others are finished.