Monday, January 29, 2007

A Day of Yarn Shopping

On Saturday my friend and I, along with her 6 year old daughter, took the day to go yarn store hopping. We visited a store in Tacoma, Fibers Etc. Wow, the owner had a ton of different yarns and was great help when asked about her stock. Unfortunately, we really didn't know what we wanted, so we left without any purchases, but the store sure was an adventure to shop in!

On our way back north (toward home) we stopped at Ikea for lunch, and then continued on to Main Street Yarns in Mill Creek. We liked this store, and wandered around for almost an hour, but still didn't find "just the right thing." I'm really not sure what we were looking for, but whatever it was sure didn't bite.

We finally ended up at Pacific Fabrics. Although their selection was much smaller than Fibers Etc., we each made a purchase. I decided to start knitting a spring sweater for my self from Big Girl Knits, Curvalicious Cardigan. I decided on these colors:

I found and loved the pink, Cascade 220. I tried looking for an espresso color that would work, but couldn't find anything I really liked, even with help! However, our time had slipped away. So, on Sunday, I went to the Village Yarn and Tea. They had Berroco's Ultra Alpaca in a dark brown. I loved it! I was so excited for a new project that I went home and finished the first inch before I went to bed, last night. I'm really loving the contrast in the colors and am excited to see it continue to take form.