Wednesday, October 30, 2013

KAL Update

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve mostly been working on a secret project, a gift. I needed to take the time, and it was good timing to keep me from getting too far ahead of my KAL buddies on our projects.
This past weekend, I met them both for coffee and have returned to working on the cardigan, playing some catch-up! It seems I have finally memorized the chart for the stitch patterns, so I’m knitting along with ease, not needing the chart. This enables me to work on it at the bus stop and other places, where I do not have a table available to hold my pattern in a convenient location. This morning, I did some number crunching and we’re nearly one-third finished. (I am going to knit mine a little shorter than the pattern dictates.)
For the cape, I finished the back and have a good start on the front, while my friend is still working on the back.  It is nice to be not too far ahead, so I will work on some other things for a while to allow her to catch up.
I’m thinking about sorting through my yarn, pulling out many of the single skeins and working on some mittens, scarves and fingerless mitts. I’m not sure how many I could finish, or even what I would do with them, but quick projects are enticing me right now. They could be small Christmas gifts for family and friends or possibly be donated to a charity for the homeless. I can always make up my mind later.