Monday, January 04, 2010

Finally Catching Up

During the Christmas season, I was quite busy, so I neglected my blog. However, I am now back to posting. To see what I have been knitting in the past month, feel free to click the link on the left to view my Ravelry projects, as I have finished many, many projects, lately.
Most recently, I am working on a baby blanket for a coworker. During our mid-November all staff meeting, I was sitting near the back knitting on a sweater. I was recognized by one of our clients as going above and beyond in my job. As such, all eyes turned towards me. I knit because I concentrate better and fidget less during meetings. My bosses understand this so there is no problem. However, I prefer not have EVERYONE interested in what I am doing as I do not like to be a distraction. Well...To make a long story a little shorter, I later received an email from a coworker that I don't know that well. It read, "Do you make baby blankets?" I basically said, "No," as I don't like the idea of making something that someone else has imagined. I am always afraid that it will not be what they expected or that they will want me to use a yarn or pattern that I hate. Several weeks later, an invitation to her baby shower arrived in my inbox, so I decided to make her one, but in the yarn and pattern combination of my choosing.
I drove down to VY&T that evening and purchased 5 balls of Berroco's Comfort and a simple pattern for the Heritage Blanket. (I later returned one ball as the blanket is already getting plenty big enough.) I hope to have it finished today and may get a picture up by the weekend. The shower is next week, so I need to wash and block it, too.