Thursday, August 28, 2008

Secret Pal 12: Question of the Week

I’m sure most of us have a proudest moment when it comes to knitting, a project or technique that you've tackled and completed beautifully. What is your proudest knitting moment??

I remember when I finished my first sweater. It had been about 2 years since I started it. The pattern was a complicated cables and lace stitch pattern. The pattern also called for fingering weight yarn on size 3 needles. It really wasn't a beginner’s pattern, but I didn't really “get” that until much later. When I finished it during the month of August, I was so happy to have it done, that I wore it to work! Yes, it was warm, but it was a cardigan, which I carefully folded and hung over a hanger at my desk. Many of my coworkers know that I knit, and asked me repeatedly if this was my latest finished project. I was so proud to show it off, even if at my desk rather than being able to wear it. I still wear that cardigan that took so much time and effort to finish.

How about the flip side? What is the one thing that you can’t get right? What is that one project that you've never been able to complete? Or that you did complete but then hid away instantly because it was too embarrassing?

I have no problem pulling out knitting that is not making me happy. (Several times I've completely finished a project before deciding to rip it out!) Usually, this yarn goes into the stash for when another pattern that I love comes along. I have ripped many projects, but one sweater sticks out in my mind. I fell in love with a pattern that has lacework for about the bottom 12 inches of the pullover. When I finished the sweater, I tried it on and was shocked that my gauge must have been measured hurriedly, as the sweater was way, way too big. Liking the yarn and pattern combination so well, I ripped it out and started over. The second time the sweater came out too small! However, I did realize this before it was completely finished. The third time I knit it, it cam out alright, but the upper bodice (worked in stockinette stitch) was bigger than the lace section. Since I do learn from my mistakes, I now do a swatch in each stitch pattern, but I didn't know, back then. I wear this sweater occasionally, but not that often because it feels a little snug around the waist and a little too loose around the bust. The shoulders don’t fit as well as I would like, either. (As an aside, when I first began to knit sweaters, I didn't realize that a set-in sleeve looks better on me than any other design and this one does not have set in sleeves.)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Camp Shirt Progress

I've been working, almost entirely, on the Auburn Camp Shirt, lately and its showing! I have all the pieces finished and blocked, have picked up stitches for the collar and am seaming the sweater. When I get tired of seaming, I knit and vice versa. The fabric is even softer and has more drape since it has been blocked. I'm really getting excited to finish! Hopefully, I'll have it finished soon and will post a picture.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lots of Knitting!

I've been doing lots of knitting, and, yet, not posting! First up, another Wee Tiny Sock for the exchange on Ravelry. The theme was summer, so I made a cotton, roll-top ankle sock. It came out very cute.

Next up, I had another exchange to finish up. These are the Beaded Socks from the LYS Tour that I went on with a friend back in May. I love the way these came out, and so did my pal. Her daughter liked them so well, that she have expects them to "disappear!"

Another gift is up next. My chiropractor's wife gave birth to their first child this week, so I knit a little pair of socks for the baby. He often sees me knitting on some project or another while I'm waiting my turn and has said how he likes it. It really made him smile when I handed him this little pair of socks. I made a size 3-6 months.

Finally, a little stash enhancement from my trip to Churchmouse Tea and Yarn on Bainbridge Island. A couple weekends ago, a friend picked me up and 3 of us went to the Northgate Transit Center, where we caught a Metro bus for Downtown Seattle. There, we walked on the Ferry for a trip across the water. We had wonderful weather and enjoyed the short walk from the ferry terminal to town. We enjoyed ourselves very much, taking time to look through the yarn store and several others. We also had lunch and, of course, ice cream at Mora. It was so wonderful that I keep trying to figure out another trip we could take like this one!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Secret Pal 12: Question of the Week

Have you ever entered your knitting (or anything else) in the fair? Would you ever consider it?

I have not ever entered anything in a fair. I have, however, entered a design. Mostly, I have entered the contest that I did because it was easy to make the submission. The fair for my county requires that you show up in person to make the entry and the times of day and location are never convenient. The design contest that I entered asked that I email a picture of the completed project. Then, when I was in the top 10 finishers, they had me mail my completed project and pattern to them. Mailing is something I can do at almost any location at any time of day! :)